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Visit to Vietnam


Vietnam • 2D1N

A short trip to vietnam to visit the Temple of Ten Thousand buddhas.

  • Lunch at Baba's Kitchen

    An authentic North Indian food restaurant. All their chefs come from North India and they only cook the food in their traditional slow cooked method. The best indian food in Central Vietnam!

  • Temple Visit

    Hidden among rows of long houses is a quiet Buddhist Temple. Unlike any other tourist attracted destination, this place is frozen within time and is allowed for anyone to enter and experioence it's marvel. Thus the name of this place is, Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

  • Shopping - Saigon Late Night Market

    Shopping in Saigon Square is a whole new experience compared to shopping in Singapore. Haggling is the game played by everyone. One of the best lines said by all the merchants is, "Your're my first customer!"

  • Must eat - Pizza 4P's

    The first level has a small bar and a reception desk to welcome the customers. The second floor is where the magic happens. With a hugh stone oven placed in the center, the chefs work all around it, baking fresh pizza for the customers. The third floor has a romantic sett for customers to dine.