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5D4N in Da Nang, Vietnam

Cindy Yap

Vietnam • 5D4N

The trip to Danang really widen my sights on Vietnam. Hoi An is a very nice and peaceful place. Recommended for couples, family or even alone. There's alot of beautiful places that no amount of photos can captured the beauty of it. Highly recommended for travellers who like places rich in culture.

  • Arrival at Da Nang International Airport

    Took a taxi outside the airport, headed to Hoi An. A stopover at Marble mountain as it is located along the way to Hoi An. In the taxi on the way to Marble mountain. Captured this huge ferris wheel from afar.

  • Visiting the Marble Mountain

    Upon reaching the marble mountain roughly, we took picture of the map and bought our tickets. Took a glass lift up to the starting point of the "trek". It's a small mountain. Lots of stones, have to be careful. Some parts are damp and slippery. More about exploring caves.

  • Continue to travel to Hoi An

    Our hotel, located near the ancient town. The ancient town is the tourist spot in Hoi An.

  • Walking around the ancient town

    First, we walk around to find the ticket booth. And bought the tickets, so that we can enter some -restricted- places over there.

  • Walking around the town

    Soon, night falls. The activities there are still plenty. Lanterns started to light up. Its a beautiful view. As it was soon very late, we headed back to hotel to have a rest.