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4D3N in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Muhammad Fadly

Malaysia • 4D3N

A weekend getaway during Ramadhan that went very well indeed. The wife's birthday was celebrated by our family as well as hotel staff. The boy got to play (indoor playground) in the middle of our shopping trip. And we got to try food which we can't get in Singapore. Win win and win for all 3 of us!

  • Arrived at Changi ariport

    Arrived early at airport to avoid fully book flights and any screw ups in check in. Just in case.

  • Check in hotel - The Majestic Hotel

    Emailed the hotel prior to arrival. Check in was very fast, staff were super firendly. The suite is huge and gorgeous. We decided not to waste the day outside as we have a baby and the day was almost ending.

  • Breakfast in the suite

    Wanted to break our fast (cum birthday dinner) at the hotel restaurant but after knowing the price RM145 per person, we decided to get something better. Food Panda. Ended the day watching movies and resting in the beautiful hotel room. We were surprised with a delicious birthday cake from the hotel.