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5D4N Thailand Trip

Lotion Lim

Thailand • 5D4N

The first trip with bestie to Bangkok. It's a very simple and easy-going trip with my dearest friends. Bangkok is always home to me and my refuge from a long day at work.

  • Arrive to Hotel Siri Sathron

    Taking a taxi from the airport is easily accessible on B1 where you can press for a ticket and wait for your taxi. Taking a taxi to the city is convienient but is time-consuming hence we ended up being stuck in the jam for some time.

  • Lunch at Le Siam MK Restraurants

    As we are tired from our journey from the airport, we decided to head to the nearby restaurant to have lunch. We decided to try authentic thai food but Le Siam MK service and embience is good but the food was not to our liking and standards. Nonetheless, we finished our meals.

  • First Attraction in Bangkok - Siam Park City

    We decided to take the taxi to Siam Park City but journey to there is very far due to jams. This amusement park might look old but it consist of both rollercoaster and water rides. The entry ticket only cost $30 SGD and we enjoyed ourselves.

  • Dinner and shopping for souvenirs

    We decided to pay Chinatown a visit as it is known for their soveniors shop and snacks that we can bring back home. There are many street food lined up by the road from Mango Sticky Rice to Seafood meals, you can find it all at Chinatown.

  • Dinner

    As a Singaporean, we decided to follow the queue and look for the most crowded store. There is one particular store that have many tourist and locals waiting in line hence we decided to join. We had authentic thai food for dinner such as Kang Kong, Tom yum soup and grilled squid.