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Getaway trip to Japan

Chua Zheng Wei

Japan • 4D3N

Get away from the concrete jungle of urban and cites, get back to the natural and feel the the beauty of mother nature.

  • Ramen for lunch

    Visit the Hokkaido Ramen Alley - they offer more than 10 Hokkaido most famous ramen in 1 spot. There are more than 100 different ramen to choose from, don't forget to add your favorite topping like blue crab / butter / and gyoza!

  • Visit Royce Chocolate Factory

    See the history of Royce chocolate and how the state of the art machine produce your favorite royce chocolate right in front of your eyes.

  • Open Road Drive, Hokkaido Open Road to Niseko

    Drive the open road through Hokkaido mountain valley and lakes, spot some wild deers and foxes on the walk.