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Trip to Germany

Raymond Wong

Germany • 4D3N

One of my most memorable trip I ever experienced. This trip enriched me gently as I stepped out of my comfortable zone. I learned about different cultures, experience new cuisines and adapt to an unfamiliar city. This trip has boost my confidence and widened my perspective in life.

  • Arrival

    Train can be easily accessible from Stuttgart Airport to your destination.
    Recommend to choose your accommodation near Stuttgart Central Station. Downtown Stuttgart which is the heart of the city is located near Stuttgart Central Station

  • Exploring Koenigstrasse

    Spend the afternoon exploring Downtown Stuttgart along Koenigstrasse.
    Koenigstrasse comes to life as the street is filled with locals, street artists, shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

  • Dining experience

    A great experience of enjoying dinner with a ice cold beer on a beautiful evening.
    Not missing out of me been unknowingly captivated by the street performance and beautiful sun set.