(ReadyLounge) – How do I gain entry to the lounge?

Please present your email confirmation as proof of ReadyLounge purchase. Please note that your booking name should match the name on your boarding pass, and that admittance is strictly subjected to possession of a valid flight ticket and travel documents for the same day of travel.

(ReadyLounge) – Can I enter the lounge any time I like?

You may enter the lounge at the date and time as per your booking confirmation

(ReadyLounge) – Can I amend/change my entry date and time?

You may email support@readytotravel.com to do so

(ReadyLounge) – Am I allowed to bring in guests?

You can make booking for your accompanied guests via the app

What are the delivery hours I can opt for?

Upon confirmation of purchase, we will call you 3-4 business days from your departure date to arrange for your preferred delivery time/ date to the stated delivery address.

(ReadyLounge) – Are kids allowed?

Yes, infants aged 0-1 years old are not chargeable

How do I return my device after use?

For return of ReadyWiFi device, please contact the courier to arrange for pickup. You will receive a courier note and instructions together with your device.

What if I missed the scheduled delivery/pick-up?

If a second delivery lies within four days of your departure date, we will contact you to arrange for another delivery free of charge, based on the availability of the remaining delivery time slots.

Can someone else collect on my behalf?

Yes, please download and fill out the Authorisation letter.

(ReadyLounge) – Are the lounge passes transferable?

Kindly note that all purchases are not transferable and valid up to its date of expiry and valid for one visit only.

(ReadyLounge) – Are all the lounge facilities the same?

Do note that the facilities and provision of services may differ across participating lounges.

(ReadyWiFi) – What is ReadyWiFi?

ReadyWiFi is a personal wireless device that allows you to use WiFi service outside of Singapore.

ReadyWiFi is preconfigured upon delivery and you can get connected with overseas WiFi in three simple steps!

1. Switch on the wireless device
2. Connect your device(s) to the wireless device through SSID and password
3. Start using your overseas WiFi!

(ReadyWiFi) – Why should I rent ReadyWiFi?

ReadyWiFi keeps you connected in more than 100 countries, with free device delivery and pickup. Please refer to the full list of countries and tiers here. The connection can be shared with up to five devices.

(ReadyWiFi) – Can I rent only the ReadyWiFi device and insert my own SIM card?

You cannot insert your own SIM card into the router, as ReadyWiFi is preconfigured and equipped with a virtual SIM card.

(ReadyWiFi) – What are the items I will receive from the delivery?

You should expect to receive the ReadyWiFi device, a carrying case, charging cable and user guide.

(ReadyWiFi) – How can I rent ReadyWiFi for my upcoming trips?

On the ‘My Trips’ page, select the desired trip and scroll down to the ReadyWiFi banner. Select your desired tier and fill in the necessary information.

(ReadyWiFi) – How long in advance should I purchase ReadyWiFi?

You will be able to purchase ReadyWiFi from the time you provide us your flight details to four days before your departure date e.g. if your departure date falls on the 30th, your last day to purchase ReadyWiFi is the 26th.

(ReadyWiFi) – Can I call or send a text message to make reservation?

No, we regret to inform that we currently only accept purchases through the Ready To Travel app.

(ReadyWiFi) – I am travelling to a country that is not listed on the website; can I still purchase ReadyWiFi?

No, countries currently not listed on our website are not available for purchase.

(ReadyWiFi) – Can I do last minute reservations?

The option to purchase will be available from the time you provide your flight details to us up till 2359hrs, four (4) days prior to the date of departure. (e.g. if departure is on 30th, the last day to book is on 26th by 2359hrs)

(ReadyWiFi) – Do I need to activate the device?

The ReadyWiFi device will be activated automatically on your day of departure at 0001 hrs.

(ReadyWiFi) – I am experiencing connectivity issues/ problems connecting to the network, what should I do?

Please contact us at support@readytotravel.com

(ReadyWiFi) – My device is lost/ damaged/ stolen, what should I do?

Please contact us at support@readytotravel.com, kindly note that charges for loss or damage of the ReadyWiFi device apply.

(ReadyWiFi) – Can I use ReadyWiFi for multiple countries?

Depending on the tier that you have purchased, you can use ReadyWiFi in all countries listed in your purchase tier. Please refer to the full list of countries and tiers here.

(ReadyWiFi) – What if I change the country of my travel? Can I still use the same device?

You can use the same ReadyWiFi device if your country of travel falls within your purchase tier. Otherwise, please contact us at support@readytotravel.com for further assistance.

(ReadyWiFi) – What is the battery life?

The ReadyWiFi device can last up to 10 hours of usage on a full charge and up to 200 hours on standby.

(ReadyWiFi) – Why can’t I see the option to purchase ReadyWiFi?

ReadyWiFi may not be available due to multiple reasons. Please contact us at support@readytotravel.com for further assistance.

(ReadyWiFi) – How do I collect/return the device?

Upon confirmation of purchase, we will contact you three to four business days prior to your departure date to arrange for your preferred delivery date/time to the stated delivery address.

For returning of device, please contact the courier to arrange for pick-up. You will receive a courier note and instructions together with your ReadyWiFi device.

(ReadyToInsure) – What is ReadyToInsure?

ReadyShield / AXA SmartTraveller provide travel coverage, whether you are travelling for leisure or for work, studying or visiting friends and family abroad. All travel insurance plans are underwritten by AXA Insurance Pte Ltd.

(ReadyToInsure) – Who can purchase ReadyToInsure?

To be eligibility for Cover:
Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore, holders of valid employment pass, work permit, long-term social visit pass, student pass and dependent pass.
An insured must be at least 18 years old at the commencement of the trip to be eligible for an individual adult cover. ‘Child’ means unmarried and dependent person under the age of 18, or up to 25 years old if still studying full-time in a recognized institution of higher learning during the policy period.

(ReadyToInsure) – How early should I buy the travel insurance?

As the cover for some benefits start more than 30 days before the trip commences e.g. trip cancellation, you should buy your travel insurance early.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I buy the travel insurance if I forget to purchase prior to my departure?

No, it must be purchased prior to your trip and before you depart Singapore.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I buy travel insurance for my child who is below 18 years old and is travelling with her school (i.e. fellow students and teachers)?

You can purchase the travel insurance on behalf of your child who is below 18 years old. For Singe Trip, Child can travel alone or with a group.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I get an Adult cover for my child who is not 18 years old?

No, you cannot buy Adult cover if your child is below 18 years ago on the effective date of the Policy.

(ReadyToInsure) – My trip itinerary is from Singapore > Malaysia > Paris > Singapore. Can I cover for my Paris sector?

No, the cover must start from and end in Singapore.

(ReadyToInsure) – My trip itinerary is from Singapore > Bangkok > Singapore > Taiwan > Singapore. Can I purchase a single trip policy for the entire journey?

You must purchase two single trips as you depart from Singapore twice. However, if you are transiting in Singapore, then you need to only buy 1 policy.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I add new travelers after I have purchased the policy?

For Single Trip Plan – Addition of travelers can be done only before the trip

(ReadyToInsure) – As my parents are above 70 years old, can I pay additional premium to increase their coverage?

The sum insured is fixed.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I extend my travel insurance while overseas?

For Single Trip – Extension beyond 182 days per trip while you are overseas is subject to our approval on case-by-case basis.

(ReadyToInsure) – Where can I get the full Policy Wordings of my travel insurance policy?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the AXA SmartTraveler Policy.

(ReadyToInsure) – What should I do if I did not receive my Insurance Confirmation in my inbox?

Please contact RTT Customer team at support@readytotravel.com if you have not received your Insurance Confirmation / Certificate / Cover Letter within 24hrs.

(ReadyToInsure) – What are the conditions to cancel my travel policy and get a refund? How do I cancel my policy?

For Single Trip – Full refund provided that, if:
Policy is cancelled before the trip; no claims; and the premium is at least $25

(ReadyToInsure) – What is the difference between a Personal Accident (PA) and travel policy?

Generally, a PA policy provides 24/7 worldwide coverage due to any accidental cause.
A travel policy includes a PA cover (whilst on a trip) and other benefits: travel inconveniences e.g. trip cancellation and emergency medical evacuation.

(ReadyToInsure) – Which travel policy would best suit my needs?

A travel insurance policy typically covers your trip delay/ cancellation/curtailment, medical expenses, and loss of baggage whilst overseas. Evaluate the items that you will bring and activities you will be engaged in to decide the travel policy which best suit your needs.

(ReadyToInsure) – Should I buy travel insurance from my airline?

Most of the time, travel insurance offered by the airlines provide a basic cover. You may want to consider a more comprehensive cover from our travel policy.

(ReadyToInsure) – Why should I buy travel insurance?

An emergency evacuation can cost as much as S$100,000. To avoid the nightmare of being stuck in a foreign country when you are seriously ill or injured, travel insurance can support you financially or mentally, to get you treated and flown home safely.

(ReadyToInsure) – How do I verify my relationship with my fiancé, fiancée or Partner?

For fiancé and fiancée: Contract for wedding venue, receipts of your engagement ring or wedding gown, and purchase of house in joint names.
For Partners: Shared residence lease, banking/credit card statements or identification documents stating the same residential address

(ReadyToInsure) – What are the alternative proofs of travel if I do not require passport stamp when entering Malaysia?

An alternative proof of travel to passport stamps are as follows: travel tickets, hotel bookings, entertainment ticket, invitation letter, receipt of purchase items in Malaysia etc.

(ReadyToInsure) – How do I claim for my personal belonging which is dropped accidentally whilst overseas?

To claim for your damaged personal belonging which is dropped accidentally whilst overseas, please provide: the photograph of the damaged item; repair invoice; and damaged incident report from the repairer.

(ReadyToInsure) – Can I insure my expensive photographic equipment / musical instrument / sports equipment separately with a higher SI than the standard policy?

We do not provide a separate cover from our standard travel policy.

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered if I rent equipment from a service provider (e.g. Wi-Fi dongle)?

Rented equipment is not covered.

(ReadyToInsure) – Is it compulsory for me to be referred by a GP to a specialist for my medical expenses claim?

Before you seek any treatment by a specialist, you must first obtain a referral from GP.

(ReadyToInsure) – I have 2 travel policies with AXA, one of which is purchased by my company and the other is purchased individually. Which policy number should I provide during claim? Do I indicate 2 policy numbers?

If you have more than one (1) travel insurance policy with us insuring the same trip, you may state both policies number. However, we will pay you only from the policy which has the higher benefit.

(ReadyToInsure) – If I have pre-existing illness, can I still purchase travel insurance?

You can purchase the travel insurance. However, we will not pay for any loss or liability directly or indirectly arising as a result of any pre-existing medical condition.

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered if I am pregnant?

You are covered for: a) illnesses arising from the pregnancy, b) accidental causes (e.g. miscarriage). You are not covered for: – First trimester of pregnancy (i.e. 0-12 weeks), – Tests or treatment relating to fertility, contraception, sterilization, birth defects or congenital Illness, – Ectopic pregnancy or childbirth including premature childbirth or stillbirth, – Depressive, psychological or psychiatric Illness, including post-natal depression, – One-Way Trip, – The cost of cancellation/postponement/ curtailment of trip or replacement of traveler.

(ReadyToInsure) – What is your definition of Comprehensive Motor Policy (Section: 40 Rental Vehicle Excess)?

A comprehensive motor policy comprises of: Death or injury of a third party, including liability towards passengers; b) Damage to third party\’s property; and c) Loss of or damage to insured\’s vehicle.

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered if my travelling companion is seriously ill before the trip?

You are covered for: a) Your unutilized travel and accommodation expenses, and pre-paid entertainment tickets if you cancelled your trip; or b) The charges to postpone your trip or the cost of another traveller to replace you for the trip: Administrative charges; and additional economy class travel fare; and standard room expenses, not exceeding the original cost of the replaced travel ticket and replaced accommodation.
You are not covered for: the cost of another traveller to replace your travel companion

(ReadyToInsure) – What are sporting activities which are covered?

Adventure sports are covered subject to the following conditions:
They are open to the general public without restriction;
They are for leisure and non-competitive purpose; and
They are organized by a licensed operator.

Please take note of the limitations for the following activities:
Flying or hot air balloon rides for leisure;
Hiking or trekking up to 3500 meters above sea level;
Mountaineering that ordinarily does not require the use of specific climbing equipment and ropes;
Ice Sports; Snow sports within approved areas of the ski resort;
White water rafting up to grade 3;
Scuba Diving no deeper than 30 meters under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor, or within the certified depth under Your PADI certification (or equivalent qualification) and you are diving with a buddy who holds the same or higher PADI Certification (or equivalent qualification);

Not covered
Extreme Sports as they present a high level of inherent danger. This includes sports such as: big wave surfing, cliff jumping, horse jumping, potholing, ultra marathons, biathlons, triathlons, stunt riding. Underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus;
Participating in sports that are played in a professional capacity or in competition involving prize money, donations, sponsorship or reward of any kind.

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered when I am learning scuba diving to obtain certification during my trip?

You are covered if you dive no deeper than 30 metres and accompanied by a qualified diving instructor.

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered if I go on a cruise? Which travel region should I purchase – Region or Global?

Yes, we cover cruises provided that insured person departs from Singapore. The destination of the cruise will determine the travel region.

(ReadyToInsure) – How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, kindly visit https://www.axa.com.sg/customer-care/file-a-claim

(ReadyToInsure) – Am I covered if I arrange my own transport (i.e. private bus, private car)?

As private vehicles do not fall under the definition of \’Public Transport\’, you will not be able to claim under the following sections:
Section 1 – Double Public Transport Coverage
Section 24 – Travel Delay/ Alternative Travel Arrangement
Section 25 – Travel Diversion
Section 27 – Travel Misconnection
Section 28– Baggage Delay

(ReadyConcierge) – What is ReadyConcierge?

ReadyConcierge is a Meet and Greet service for arriving, departing, or transiting passengers at selected airports. The friendly concierge team will meet you with a welcome sign with your name on it. You can also opt for an electric buggy for your transfer, where it is applicable.

(ReadyConcierge) – Who might want to use this service?

This service is very popular with business executives travelling to unfamiliar or challenging locations, seasoned travellers looking for a dedicated service to help them through the airport as well as all those who want to make the journey that little bit more special.

(ReadyConcierge) – At which airport is this service available?

ReadyConcierge is currently available at Singapore Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

(ReadyConcierge) – Can I book on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you may do so by providing the details of the lead passenger when making completing the reservation form.

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I make a booking?

You may do so via the Ready To Travel App. The reservation process takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please note that all online reservations have to be made at least 48 hours ahead of Scheduled Time of Arrival/ Departure (STA/ STD).

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I make a group booking?

We currently allow booking for a maximum of 20 guests excluding the first passenger, subject to availability.

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I make a short notice booking?

We apologise that currently we do not allow any booking that is less than 48hrs ahead of scheduled time of arrival/ departure (STA/STD).

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I get confirmation of my booking?

After you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your reservation. Please check all the details of the email carefully and let us know immediately if anything is incorrect. The confirmation email will include a booking reference number – please quote this reference number in any correspondence to us in relation to your booking. If this confirmation email does not arrive within a few minutes of your booking with us, please check your spam or junk folders. If you are still unable to locate the confirmation email, kindly contact our support team at support@readytotravel.com

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I amend my booking?

Kindly send your request to our support team at support@readytotravel.com at least 48hours prior to Scheduled Time of Arrival/ Departure (STA/ STD). Please note that amendments made less than 48 hours before commencement of the time of service cannot be guaranteed and may incur an amendment fee. In addition, only one amendment of the booking details may be made for each purchase. In the event you need to make more than one amendment then you would need to make a new booking and fresh charges will apply.

(ReadyConcierge) – How do I cancel a booking?

You may wish to contact our support team at support@readytotravel.com

However, please note that no refunds are allowed for cancellations and non-use of ReadyConcierge Services.

(ReadyConcierge) – Can I include children in the booking?

Yes, you can include children and should count them in the total number of guests. Please note, however, that we do not take bookings for unaccompanied minors, such cases arrangements should be made directly with the airline concerned.

(ReadyConcierge) – When will my account be charged?

Your account will be charged immediately at the point of purchase following confirmation of your reservation.

(ReadyConcierge) – Where in the airport do I meet the Concierge Team?

When you arrive at Singapore Changi Airport for your departure flight, the concierge team will meet you at your departing terminal, departure level, entrance door 3, with a welcome board with your name on it.

For arriving and transiting passengers, the concierge team will meet you with a welcome board with your name on it as you leave the aerobridge. However, in certain cases, where airport security regulations prevents this, or where passengers are dropped off at the main airport terminal via transfer buses, the concierge team will meet you at the earliest point possible inside the terminal.

If you have pre-arranged for ground transportation, we encourage you to share the information with us in advance, so that we can help to provide you with a seamless transition at the airport.

(ReadyConcierge) – How will I recognise the Concierge Team?

The concierge team will be neatly attired in uniform and will be carrying a welcome board with your name on it.

(ReadyConcierge) – Will I need to tip the Concierge Team?

There is absolutely no need to tip the concierge team. You may wish to show your appreciation by writing to us at support@readytotravel.com.

(ReadyConcierge) – Will I be assisted with my baggage?

The concierge team is not insured to carry baggage. Additionally, airports stipulate that passengers must keep their hand baggage with them and under their control at all times. However, the concierge team would be able to assist in arranging porter services for you. Please note that the portege service is offered by the airport authority to provide assistance for the needy (Elderly, Injured with restricted mobility, pregnant ladies) and is subjected to availability.

(ReadyConcierge) – What is the expected length of service for ReadyConcierge?

As a standard, the length of service is approximately 2 hours. Charges may apply should you require additional time for the service.

(ReadyConcierge) – What if my flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed, the concierge team will share with you options of airport lounges, hotels or facilities available within the airport vicinity. The duration of service for ReadyConcierge is for an approximate length of 2 hours. Charges may apply for additional time required for the service.

(ReadyConcierge) – What should be done if I am running late?

Please note that concierge service does not take responsibility for the consequences of missed flights. If you have booked an arrival or transit service, the concierge team will have the details of the incoming flight. They will know of any change in the arrival time, and will adapt accordingly. Please do note however, that in cases of significant delays, the concierge team may no longer be available at the new time, and will endeavour to advise you if this is the case.

(ReadyConcierge) – Do I need to bring any paperwork with me?

Yes, please bring along a copy of your booking confirmation. Please also ensure that you have all the documentation required to travel.

(ReadyConcierge) – Can you help me if my question is not found in this list?

Kindly contact our support team at support@readytotravel.com